Mascidon, LLC

SAP Business  One Add-on Products

Add-on Products and Integrations

These add-on products from Mascidon have been developed and refined over multiple versions of SAP.  Current development is concentrated on SAP B1 9.x.  

Right Click

This is a utility that provides the means for users to access queries, processes, reports, and forms by 'right clicking' the mouse while on a specific form.  It provides the means to deliver product within SAP.  For instance, the performance add-on module is a series of queries and reports combined with user defined fields and user defined objects.  Right click provides the means to execute these queries and reports from the appropriate forms.  It is a simple, easy to learn product that provides access from ANY form within SAP Business One.

Performance Measurement

Use this module for two purposes: to evaluate vendor fill rates and on time deliveries; and to measure your own company's performance on fill rate and on time deliveries.  

Labels Using Bar Tender

Bar Tender is a label design product sold around the world.  This integration provides access to label printing using Bar Tender from within many SAP Business One forms.   For instance, if all incoming product requires bar code labels before being placed on shelves, the integration point would be at the PO goods receipt screen.  If you label finished goods before shipping to customers, the integration point would be at the Delivery Order.  And - this add-on provides the means to produce labels in formats required by your customer.

Labels using Brother P-Touch

Brother printers are sold with a free label editor - P-Touch.  This add-on integrates P-Touch labels with many screens within SAP Business One.  You control the label design.  Mascidon's add-on integrates the SAP Business One screen data with the label design.  Label designs by customer can be produced.


This module was developed to solve a singular issue with the Production Entry module.  SAP Business One does not allow entry of a production order for an item that has the same item as a component.  If you repair items for customers or are a 'reman' company, then you receive a 'Core' from your customer.  A typical production order would use your customer's 'Core' as the component to be repaired, and the result is a repaired Core - the same inventory item only in better condition.  This module provides the means to process these types of production orders with all 'extra' transactions required to enable this result happening transparent to the user.

Automotive Aftermarket

If selling heavily into the automotive aftermarket there are two critical 'item' issues that need to be addressed.  The first is that your customer may call in and ask for a part knowing an alias for the part.  For instance, they are calling from Autozone and the part they are looking for is AZ-1000 - an internal Autozone part number.  You need to determine the Ford part number for this part and subsequently your internal part number within SAP.  The second issue occurs when the customer calls in and asks for a part with a description 'Brake sensor for a 2004 Honda Accord'.  Both of these issues are addressed by this aftermarket add-on.

Job Cost

The job cost module is intended for companies that want to track labor, material and purchasing costs by job.  Job transaction costs are accumulated and reported.  No new general ledger transactions are created based on this module. Unlike the SAP Business One production orders, the 'jobs' are independent of inventory items - except inventory can be issued to jobs.

If your company purchases or sells inventory whose value fluctuates base on commodity prices then this module addresses the surcharges required.  The prices paid for product are calculated based on date sensitive price tables.  When selling product surcharges can be incorporated into the final selling price or shown as a second line item on the order.

Return Goods Authorization (RGA)

When customers need to return product many companies issue an 'RGA' or an 'RMA - Return Materials Authorization'.  This add-on tracks the RGA and provides several  alternative processing steps - depending on whether the item being returned is under warranty, requires repair or is simply being returned.

EDI Integration

This add-on is intended specifically for automotive EDI.  Mascidon has teamed with a leader in automotive EDI integration - Radley Corporation - to deliver a product that is used to process 'Release' requirements based EDI.  It's main function is to provide COMPLIANCE with EDI dictates for automotive suppliers. This integration provides this compliance for more than 100 tier 1 and tier 2 companies.

Supply Chain

Determining your purchasing requirements using SAP Business One is the first step in the supply chain.  Communicating this information to your suppliers is the next step.  This module enables sending ship schedules, production schedules and purchase orders to your suppliers via EDI, XML, or Excel.  It also provides the means to import shipment notifications from your supplier and make this part of the normal workflow. 

Importer Tool
Data imported to SAP must follow SAP Business rules.  Using SAP Software Development Kit (SDK), Mascidon has created an SDK integration tool to be used with 30 of the common business objects within the SAP Business One system.  For example, this tool could be used to import data when initially implementing SAP.  It could be used to import customers, ship to locations and sales orders from an e-commerce system.  Mascidon uses it to import most of the data required to integrate with the Automotive EDI add-on.  We have also used it to integrate with hand held data collection devices and other third party applications.