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Automotive Aftermarket

Order and quote processing for automotive aftermarket resellers often involves translation of customer needs into a specific item number in SAP.  A salesperson often works with their customer to determine the part to ship.  This is based on the customer's information at hand: the make, model and year of the automobile and the type of part required; or in other cases the OEM number or the automotive aftermarket distributor's number for the part.  

This add-on provides hot-keys in the item field in quotes and sales orders that allow the user to find parts using either make - model - year - item group; or distributor name - OEM number.  The key to the functioning of this add-on is the information stored for the  make  - model - year and the OEM part  numbers.  This information is typically purchased from a third party - for only those parts your company distributes.  This SAP add-on can import this information into SQL tables accessible from within the Sales Quotes and Sales Orders. 

The make  - model - year - item group table stored in SAP Business One can cross reference one internal SAP item to many records.  A typical example would be the same part used across multiple model years.  The input clerk is presented with a list of all of the model  years for which this item is valid.

The OEM part numbers are not simply a one dimensional list – GM part number – your part number for instance.  It is a one-to-many list.  You have a single part. It can be cross referenced to many different part numbers.  For instance, your part number may be linked to the GM part number, the Autozone part number, and the Napa part number. 

Add-on value:

  • Data entry is made easier 
  • Quickly reference make - model - year to which a part applies
  • OEM number information available for label production 
Demo of Automotive Aftermarket Add-on

This is an SAP Business One add-on and is subject to periodic updates as SAP versions change.