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SAP Business  One Add-on Products

Data Monitor

This program is extremely simple, yet versatile.  It displays data in big font on a PC monitor so that your personnel can see this information as it gets updated within SAP.  For instance, if you wanted to have a monitor display the total quantity of items ordered today, or the total number of E-Commerce orders received, or the number of shipments of one or more product groups, then this program can be used to display the data in big font on a monitor for all to see.

I developed this program for a small SAP Business One customer that assembled pumps and shipped them.  The assembly process is time consuming and he wanted live displays on the floor of the number of pumps shipped - in real time.  His logic is simple – if they need to ship 50 pumps per day to be profitable, he wanted his staff to have a visual of where they were throughout the day.  What this program does is gather information from the SAP SQL database and display this data on a PC monitor. 

The actual data being displayed is dependent on 2 things.  The program asks you for a 'Program #'.  The program opens a screen and calls a stored procedure where you have defined a 'Program #' and have output 2  variables - the message header and the message.  In the screen shown below, the 'Pumps Shipped Today' is the message header and '46' is the message.  You control the contents of the stored procedure and what it shows by coding various SQL queries depending on the program #s you want in your company.

Of  course, if you have multiple monitors available  for displaying data, you could run this same program multiple times from the PC and input a different 'Program #' display on each monitor - obviously with different results.  For instance, one monitor in the shop could display units shipped, while another monitor in the owner's office could display dollars shipped.