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Importer Tool

The Mascidon SAP Business One 'Importer Tool' can be used to import data safely into SAP B1 in accordance with all the SDK (software development kit) rules required by SAP.  Referring to the import process to the left, it is your responsibility to export data from an application in a consistent format.  That format can be any reasonable data format.  Examples are CSV files, tab delimited text files, Excel files, SQL table, ODBC compatible formats, etc.  The key is in the second step - either you or Mascidon needs to convert this data into an XML file format.  Mascidon will provide the XML format requirements if you choose to format the data.  All of the checks required for the data need to be performed in this stage.  For instance, if importing sales orders from an e-commerce site, the data to be imported into SAP requires at least the following valid information:
  • The customer must exist or you must create the SAP XML information to import a new customer
  • The ship to address must exist or you must create the SAP XML information to import a new ship to address
    • All of the ship to information must be correct - i.e. valid country and state
  • The item must exist in the item master file 
  • The warehouse must exist
  • The order date must be in an accounting period that is unlocked 
  • The sales person id must exist
Each type of data to be imported  into SAP has similar restrictions which must be checked prior to passing this information on to the Mascidon SAP Integration tool - 'Importer Tool'.  
Data imports can combine various data information into separate XML records.  For instance, at one of our customers the EDI integration received could include a new ship to location as well  as new customer demand (sales order).  The XML records  created  for processing this information is: a. a new ship to destination for the customer; and b. a sales  order.  In addition, the EDI import function creates an activity associated with the customer so that there is a record of how and why the sales order was created.
When used in conjunction with the Mascidon 'Right Click' function, a use could initiate an 'import' of data directly from a screen - on demand.  Th 'Right Click' function would process the formatting of data via a SQL query(red box to the left),  create the appropriate XML records, and call the Importer Tool to create  the record(s) within SAP.
Here is the current list of the data eligible to import into SAP using the Importer Tool:
  • Business partner add / modify
  • Ship to Destination add /  modify
  • Business partner catalog add /modify
  • Price list maintenance
  • Bills  of material add / modify
  • Item master – delete records
  • Update item standard costs for items with zero on hand
  • MRP forecast import
  • Activities creation
  • Sales draft document import
  • Sales quote import
  • Sales order import
  • Sales  order close
  • Delivery order import
  • Sales invoice import
  • Sales credit memo import
  • PO goods receipts draft import
  • PO goods receipt import
  • A/P invoice import
  • A/P credit memo import
  • Incoming payment import (remittance advice)
  • Inventory issues import
  • Inventory goods receipts import
  • Inventory transfers import
  • Inventory stock taking import
  • Production order add
  • Production order line detail add
  • Production order receipts import
  • Issues to production order import
  • Production order change status