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Bar Code Label Printing - Using Bar Tender

The Bar Tender label design software from Seagull Scientific has been integrated with SAP Business One to provide the means to quickly and easily provide users with labels.  This module requires the Bar Tender Enterprise Automation software from Seagull Scientific.  The Bar Tender software enables design of sophisticated labels and comes with many pre-defined customer labels.  After the labels have been designed, their linkages to the SAP database are provided by Mascidon's integration software via queries.  The end result is ease of use.  For example, on a delivery order the user could highlight a line and click to print labels specific to that customer.

This integration provides the means to meet your customer's labeling requirements as well as your internal label requirements.  

Using the printing of labels at specific points in your business processes allows you to use scanners to collect data easily and accurately.

The Bar Tender software can support high volume label production.  With one of our customers, SAP and Bar Tender are integrated with their packaging systems for efficient labeling of products as they are individually packaged.

Bar coded and non-bar coded labels can be produced using information from SAP Business One. The labels can be produced as part of the normal receiving, shipping, sales orders, invoices, pick and pack, inventory transfer, production work order and production goods receipts processes. In addition, labels can be printed on demand. 


The main purpose of the label printing program is to provide the ability to quickly and easily add bar coded labels to parts - to enhance scanning capabilities for processing. If the inventory is viewed in terms of in-out transactions, there are 3 process points that require bar coded labels:

  1. PO Goods Receipt - when the warehouse receives goods into inventory, they should be labeled at that point in time before being put away.
  2. Shipments when the delivery order is created, a finished goods label should be applied to the inventory items being sent to the customer. This label may contain more than just inventory information customer part numbers for instance. 
  3. Production completion when production records the production of inventory, they can print labels for this inventory. In most instances this is only necessary if the items will be placed on a shelf.


The integration to SAP Business One differs depending on the implementation used.  There are 3 implementations of this interface available.  The first is standard SAP query implementation.  Users execute a query while within a document.  The second is an implementation using Boyum.  In this instance there are 'Label Print' buttons on appropriate screens that initiate the label print process.  The third option is to implement Mascidon's 'Right Click' functionality.  When the user 'right clicks' while within a document, the query is initiated.  The core code in each of these implementations is the same.  


In what format are the labels produced? This is entirely up to the user. Sample labels for items and shippers are included with this add-on. The user can use the Bar Tender software to format the label in any manner. Within the Bar Tender software, standard AIAG and other company label formats are available. 

The Bar Tender integration to SAP Business One should be implemented with either Mascidon's Right Click module or Boyum's tools.