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The Right Click add-on from Mascidon provides users and developers with the means to access SQL queries, Crystal reports, other forms and reports from any SAP Business One form. It is simple to use – Right Click on a form with a SQL query, menu item or Crystal Report attached and select the function. To attach queries to a screen the query id and category are used.  Forms and Reports are added to the Right Click menu using the 'Menu UID' - which can be found using the SAP 'System Information' option. 


This is a powerful development tool.  It replaces the need for 'buttons' to initiate a process.  It can alter process flows by making any screen accessible from any other screen. And it places the reports at their most accessible point - the screen related to the report data. 

Many of the add-ons from Mascidon use Right Click as the delivery mechanism.  From a user view, it is easy to use the mouse to right click on a screen and select an option.  Compare 'right click' the mouse with Tools --> Queries --> User Queries --> Category of Query Selection --> Select a specific query.   


When executing a SQL query using Right Click, the screen data is accessible to the query.  For instance, on the item master screen using a Right Click query function can access the item id using the variable $[OITM.ItemCode].  The query can use this information as part of the query parameters.

Crystal reports are often required at a screen / form level.  Right click provides the means for adding Crystal reports to any form / screen.

To extend the power of SAP Business One you may develop a table keyed by item code.  If you used Right Click you could access this user defined table directly from the Item Master screen for the specific item currently on screen.

The BOM screen below has 7 'Right Click' functions added for the user's convenience (all part of the BOM and Routers module).

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Note: Right Click was developed as a joint project between MirAli of Dearborn, MI and Mascidon, LLC, and is jointly owned.