Mascidon, LLC

SAP Business  One Add-on Products

Add-on Based on SAP Tools

These add-on products from Mascidon have been developed and refined over multiple versions of SAP.  They utilize only functions that are available to all SAP users. For instance, these add-ons make extensive use of these functions within SAP:  Crystal report writer; Query development and deployment; Formatted Searches; Query lookups; Query reports; User defined fields - added; User defined tables added; User defined objects (UDO) added.  Queries are developed in SQL, however several customers are in the process of switching to Hana so Hana versions will be available in the future.  

Customer Rebates

This module provides the means to track rebates owed to buying groups. For instance, if a group of customers want to purchase products from your company and agree to hitting annual purchase levels you may want to offer rebates based on the levels of sales achieved.  This could be tracked manually in Excel if you have a real simple rebate system.  This add-on provides the means to track rebates to groups of customers and provides the means to include / exclude product groups or to exclude certain one time invoices, or specific items.  It also can track additional rebates awarded if the customer stocks your products for their customers. The rebate system also tracks 'allowances' - such as advertising allowances, allowances for defects, etc. Use this product if your growth strategy as a distributor includes incentive programs for attracting incremental business from customers.

BOM Enhancements

The BOM reporting functionality in SAP is not controllable by users. Most of the other functions in SAP are reported using Crystal report writer.  The table structure for the BOM does not lend itself to 'traversing'  the multiple levels of a BOM using a Crystal Report. The BOM enhancements provided in this module provide SQL queries to traversing the BOM downward (Indented BOM) and upward (where used). These are standard SAP queries and the fields output can be altered by users - i.e. fields can be added or removed from the query report.

Job Cost

The job cost module is intended for companies that want to track labor, material and purchasing costs by job.  Job transaction costs are accumulated and reported.  No 'new' general ledger transactions are created based on this module. Unlike the SAP Business One production orders, the 'jobs' are independent of inventory items - except inventory can be issued to jobs. Easy to use - set up a job and then post these transactions: PO Request, Purchase order, PO Goods Receipt, A/P Invoice, Goods return, A/P Credit Memo, Inventory Issues, Inventory Receipts, and Labor.  Only labor entry includes a new screen.  Query reports of costs are available.  Crystal Reports of costs and job sheets are available. Costs are flagged as 'Actual' or 'Pending'. 


Performance Measurement

Use this module for two purposes: to evaluate vendor fill rates and on time deliveries; and to measure your own company's performance on fill rate and on time deliveries.  This module uses well defined formulae for 'fill rate' calculations and 'on-time' percentages.