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iCARaS EDI Integration

Why utlize the Radley iCARaS - Mascidon integration to SAP B1 ERP?  There is one word that sums it up:  COMPLIANCE. 


Many automotive suppliers have implemented some type of basic Automotive EDI solution, usually because one or more large trading partners require it. More companies are now searching for a solution that productively manages the data exchanged with their trading partners, while tracking priority information such as, 'net demand', 'CUMs', 'quantities', 'label serial numbers', and more. iCARaS combines the EDI mapping, communication, and translation functions of a traditional automotive EDI solution with automotive release analysis, shipping, labeling and scanning.  All of which can be configured specifically for your business.  Meeting the AIAG standards is a prerequisite for doing automotive business.


A common XML file is created by iCARaS to integrate with SAP B1 ERP.  This enables the sales module to maintain sales orders of firm customer requirements without being concerned if this is a KanBan Based customer, net based customer, or a cumulative quantity based customer.  iCARaS' release accounting management handles all of the details of demand requirements, while SAP B1 ERP links to the demand requirements and continues to function normally.


Shipments processed within iCARaS update the shippers within SAP B1 - and tie them to the sales order.  For trading partners with 810 requirements, SAP passes invoice information to iCARaS for EDI transmission.  And customer long range forecast - non 'firm' demand, is imported into SAP B1's MRP forecast.


Key Features

  • Complies with mandated automotive EDI requirements
  • Provides bar code labels that meet automotive trading partner mandates for AIAG standards 
  • Utilizes SAP B1 ERP functions in conjunction with iCARaS release accounting
    • Calculates demand from cumulative shipment quantities
    • KanBan demand is supported
    • ASN's are automatically sent via EDI to customers
    • All EDI functions meet AIAG standards
  • Uses complete, net demand requirements to create sales orders  in SAP
  • Long term demand net requirements are used to create MRP forecasts
  • Shippers from iCARaS are forwarded to SAP B1 and linked to sales orders
  • Invoices are created in SAP and sent via trading partner compliant Automotive EDI to customers if required
  • SAP B1 maintains the part master and passes changes to iCARaS