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SAP Business  One Add-on Products

Outside Services Manufacturing

Many manufacturing companies subcontract some portions of their manufacturing to vendors with specific manufacturing capabilities.  For instance, many companies send parts to a vendor to be heat treated, plated, painted, welded or assembled.  If your company does a significant amount of this, you know the inherent problem with tracking inventory at the vendor sites.  This type of processing can be tracked from within SAP Business One, but the steps required to keep accurate information are tedious for the clerk responsible.  

Mascidon has developed this module with 2 objectives in mind: 1. Simplify the steps the clerks need to do to send items to be processed to a vendor and to receive back processed items from the vendor; and 2. Have the capability within SAP to always know the quantities of any item that resides with your contracted vendor and to provide an audit trail if problems arise.

This module saves a lot of confusion for the clerk and integrates seamlessly into your accounting practices.