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About Mascidon

Mascidon was formed in 2007 by Dr. Don Maes.  Dr. Maes recognized SAP B1 as an excellent business solution for small to mid size manufacturing companies. Initially, Mascidon provided manufacturing consulting expertise focused on the SAP Business One software platform.  Our company has evolved into an SAP add-on products provider.  Since 2007, we have developed add-on products that have widespread application across the SAP Business One customer base, with many of our products installed and operational since 2007.

There are many SAP B1 dealers that have 'add-on' products. Our products are different because they fill specific niche applications.  For instance, our bar code label programs have one function - to allow users to print labels from within SAP screens.  Mascidon uses label design tools that are off-the-shelf products widely used outside of SAP. These types of add-on products do not cause SAP B1 usage problems - even across SAP updates. As another example, our vendor and customer performance module uses user defined fields, user defined tables and SQL queries to provide powerful reports of vendor on time rates and fill rates. My experience is heavily oriented towards manufacturing and distribution companies, so it is not surprising that most of our add-on products work to address problems and issues associated with these industries.


Mascidon works in partnership with several SAP Business One Gold Partners.  These relationships provide Mascidon with many benefits.  First and foremost, our partners have offices all over North America.  This provides coverage for support and implementation services wherever our customers are located.  Our SAP Gold Partner's staffs augment Mascidon's staff when projects overlap or when specific SAP B1 requirements are better served by specific experts.

In addition to working with SAP Business One Gold Partners, Mascidon has forged working relationships with several key individuals around the globe.  These people provide Mascidon with the ability to code, test and implement SAP B1 add-on products.  My business model is simple.  I personally design the software applications and employ highly talented and experienced people to develop the products.   

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Phone: (248) 432-2676 

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Book: SAP Business One - Taking Advantage of Its Technical Functionality Using SQL Queries

This is a book authored by Dr. Maes.  

Our goal in this book is to show SAP users how using SQL queries will enhance the functionality of SAP Business One.  The SQL database structures are described and documented so that users can more readily tap into the data for queries, formatted searches, alerts, approvals and reports. Extending SAP functions using the technical features that are an integral (and free) part of SAP Business One is explained in depth.

The book refers to a series of SQL queries and functions.  Call our office and I'll email these to you.

With over 40 years experience in the ERP world, the last 17 with SAP Business One, I recognize that many users are under utilizing the product.  A whole section of my website - 'Add-ons Based on SAP Only' includes products that I developed using only the software tools provided with SAP B1.  There is no reason why some technically inclined users cannot extend SAP themselves.  Read the book to find out how.  Alternatively, read the book to get ideas on how SAP can be extended - so that you can plan on having your staff, your SAP dealer's staff, or Mascidon do the development work.

Use the downloads below to retrieve either a pdf or Word document of this book.  I would appreciate it if you would provide feedback on any errors or omissions.  Also, if there are SAP technical functions not explained in the book that you want included, let me know.  I have 2 new chapters that I will be researching in early 2020: Edit the I on the screen; and Workflow.  

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Add-on Ideas

I am always on the lookout for new add-ons to develop.  I need user ideas. My criteria for selecting which to develop is simple.  If I estimate that I can sell enough of an add-on to get a return on my development investment within less than 12 months, I seriously look at it. Call me or send me your ideas for SAP Business One enhancements.  

Free Tools

When working with SAP Business One I come across many issues that need to be addressed.  Over the last 16 years of working with SAP B1 I have found, developed or been given some 'tools' that help me as I implement systems.  They are not sophisticated enough to become add-on products but are valuable time savers.  Open the associated text files below to get a copy.  Call me if you have questions concerning other tools Mascidon has available.  We've been using SAP Business One since 2002!

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