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Ideas for Add-ons & Free Tools 

Add-on Ideas

I am always on the lookout for new add-ons to develop.  I need user ideas. My criteria for selecting which to develop is simple.  If I estimate that I can sell enough of an add-on to get a return on my development investment within less than 12 months, I seriously look at it. Call me or send me your ideas for SAP Business One enhancements.  

Enhanced Physical Inventory

Taking a physical inventory when the number of SKUs is large - I have one customer with over 150,000 SKUs - is an arduous task.  I have 3 customers with large inventories that are using various customizations for taking physicals.  My thought is to develop a common version compatible with SAP 9.x.

Free Tools

When working with SAP Business One I come across many issues that need to be addressed.  Over the last 16 years of working with SAP B1 I have found, developed or been given some 'tools' that help me as I implement systems.  They are not sophisticated enough to become add-on products but are valuable time savers.  Open the associated text files below to get a copy.  Call me if you have questions concerning other tools Mascidon has available.  We've been using SAP Business One since 2002!

Find A Field

Queries, stored procedures and udf's have been developed over months or years and now you need to see where a field is used.  This SQL query provides the means to see every occurrence of this field in the database.  The result shown is the name of the query, stored procedure or table where this field is found. This SQL script can also locate occurrences of fields in Boyum tables.

What Table Gets Updated?

Some queries get complex.  SAP Business One does not provide a complete database schema (that I know of).  This query shows the table record counts.  I use it to see what gets updated when I click the 'Add' or 'Update' button on a form.  The result shown is a list of the number of records in each table.  Comparing the before and after 'update' tells you which tables had records added.

Import XML Data into SQL tables

This routine shows how to import data from XML into a SQL table. 

Export Data from SAP to a Flat File  (CSV)

This routine shows how to export data from an SAP file to a CSV file.

Find the Latest Date a Price was Changed

Within SAP there is detailed tracking of the 'change log' for an item.  If you wanted to get the last date a price for a specific item was changed, the information is in the change log.  However, what if you want to use this information in a query?  Or look it up more quickly than comparing item log instances one at a time within the change log?  This database 'function' provides the means to use an item - price list number to get the last price change date.