Mascidon, LLC

SAP Business  One Add-on Products

Manufacturing Enhancements

There are 6 integrated manufacturing enhancements developed as add-on products for repetitive manufacturers using SAP Business One. 

BOM Enhancements

    • Provides indented and Where Used BOM reporting

      • Uses SQL queries so users can get extensive BOM reports

    • Provides stored procedure to use to develop BOM reports that traverse the BOM to all levels either as indented or where used

    • If using Boyum, reporting of active / inactive BOMs with visual color coded representation of current status of the BOM

    • Provides the means to have inactive BOMs, in process BOM creation and have a simple visual representation of the BOM's current status

Cost Rollup SAP9.x
    • Provides 31 cost buckets: material, plus 10 each for labor resources, machine resources, and other resources
    • Rolls costs from lowest BOM level to highest
    • Move sum of costs to price table
    • Updates standard costs from price table (revaluation of inventory)
    • Moves the price list price and price name to the BOMs associated with items from the price list chosen - which provides accurate rolled up BOM costs

Repetitive Production

    • Operator enters badge id and quantity produced

      • System auto creates production order and processes it to closing

    • Reversing errors - operator supervisor enters badge and quantty by item - operation

      • System auto creates production disassembly order and processes it to closing

    • Production records kept in separate table for reporting production efficiencies

    • Handles scrap reporting at time of production

Shop Floor Data Collection

    • Transactions in place to clock-on and clock-off router operations

    • Ability to define at which routing step components get issued 

    • Final operation in routing creates the finished item from production order

    • Shifts / shift exceptions and lunch breaks are accounted for with clock-on / clock-off