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SAP Business  One Add-on Products

BOM and Routers

The BOM and Router add-on product provides significant ehancement to the manufacturing functionality of SAP B1.  For instance, the where used functionality is essential to capital equipment manufacturers with large, multi-level BOMs.  Likewise, these same companies require operation routers to make sense of the manufacturing processes required. This module enhances the SAP B1 BOM, MRP and Production modules.

SAP Business One provides an excellent bill of material function - for tracking component usage.  Mascidon has added several key functions to the basic BOM:

  • An indented 'Where Used' capability provides a reverse BOM look at where components or raw materials are used.
    • Useful for determining potential upstream problems when raw material or component defects are found
  • An indented BOM using a SQL query creates BOM reports that at a user's discretion include on hand, engineering revision, etc. 
    • Provides indented view of requirements for a sales order
    • Provides indented view of requirements for an MRP forecast
  • Mass change to a BOM - for when one component on many BOMs needs to be replaced
  • Use of queries and stored procedures to traverse the BOM upwards or downwards provides flexibility in reporting
  • Routing steps can be added to the bill of materials to define the operations required in the manufacturing process.  These routing steps integrate with the SAP B1 Production Orders to provide for reporting and costing of labor during the production process
    • Routers are tied to BOM parents
    • Labor steps are defined as either pieces / hour or hours / piece production rates
    • Outside service routing steps define costs paid to subcontract vendors
    • Unlimited number of routing steps provide the ability to handle complex manufacturing processes
    • Routing steps integrate with the Mascidon 'Cost Rollup' add-on for the calculation of labor and overhead costs.
  • Production orders automatically inherit the predefined routing steps from a BOM router. 
    • Custom routing steps can be added to production orders if necessary.
  •  In the BOM, the routing sequence at which the component is to be relieved is maintained.  
    • Provides the Mascidon 'Shop Floor' module the capability to relieve inventory at the time it is used.  This is particularly important to correctly address work in process inventory in production facilities where several days may elapse between the time production begins and ends.  This requores manual flushing of inventory.
    • Inventory can back flushed within the router if applicable

This add-on is available as SAP queries, in conjunction with Right Click, and implemented with Boyum.

The query portion of this add-on is available as SAP queries, as Boyum buttons and functions, or as Right Click query access functions.  
The query portion of this add-on is available as SAP queries, as Boyum buttons and functions, or as Right Click query access functions.