Mascidon, LLC

SAP Business  One Add-on Products

Labor Data Collection

SAP Business One 9.1 has added 'resource' functionality to the bills of materials and production orders.  This provides the means to track labor against a production order.  Posting of labor against a production order uses the 'Issues to production' transaction to record the hours of labor expended.  
Mascidon has developed a 'Clock-On' / 'Clock-Off' functionality for posting labor to production orders.  Data is entered from one of 2 screens: Clock-on or Clock-Off.  Active employees clock-on to a production order labor operation and remain on until they clock-off the same production order labor operation.  If there are several labor operations associated with a production order, several employees could be charging labor simultaneously.
The clock-off transaction provides the means to enter the quantity produced and scrapped as each labor operation is completed.  This function supports batch and serial controlled items as well as 'normal' inventory items.  Recording of the 'bin' to which inventory is moved is supported.  If there are multiple labor operations for a production order, then each of the clock-off transactions can record the quantities produced at that operation step, but only the last labor operation posts the 'receipt to production'.
Clock-On to a Production Order
Clock-Off a Production Order
Using Bar Codes and Scanners
Clocking on and off a production order can be made more efficient with bar codes on the production order printed form and scanners.  To clock-on to a production order, the employee would scan their badge id and then scan the PDO-Labor Operation bar code on the production order form.  That's it - the Clock-on would be complete and very accurate at that point.
To clock-off a production order the employee would scan their badge.  If they did not have any quantities to enter, they would click the 'Add' button to record the time worked on this labor operation for this production order.  Assuming quantities are required, the user would enter the quantity produced and scrapped.
Production Order with PDO bar coded and PDO - Operation Bar Coded