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SAP Business  One Add-on Products

Repetitive Manufacturing Scheduling

Shop schedules created with SAP Business One's MRP wizard provides a rudimentary schedule of the items that need to be produced in the plant - essentially scheduling the materials that will be consumed.  Mascidon's shop schedule add-on for repetitive manufacturers combines this information with the routers for the items to be produced to provide a detailed schedule of requirements by operation and by machine.  This provides the scheduling supervisor with a view of loading by operation or by machine - with the details of which items need to be produced.  Unlike make to order manufacturers, repetitive manufacturers in general need to produce the quantities required by customers' schedules.  They must have the capacity to meet all of their customers' needs - whether by working overtime, multiple shifts, outsourcing some operations, or by purchasing more machines. 

While capacity planning is not a feature of the add-on, an MRP based on volumes of each part required by customers can be used to create machine and operations loading reports that flag critical capacity problems.  For instance, if the resulting report shows that you require 130% of the hours normally available for the MRP for a specific operation or machine, then overtime or weekend production must be scheduled.


Companies may import several MRP forecasts independent of each other. For instance, the Ford internal manager may want their forecast separate from the Chrysler manager. Once they import these files (from iCaras if using the EDI integration) they are uploaded to SAP – but the MRP runs only one forecast at a time. If any components are used by both customers, the MRP will provide erroneous buy recommendations using a single Forecast. Mascidon's scheduling add-on provides a function to combine multiple forecasts into a single forecast.  


The MRP / routing recommended shop schedule can be used to generate a daily production schedule.  A screen is provided to display all of the recommendations for production from the MRP wizard - likely a 1 or 2 week production planning horizon, and selectively pick which production is required for the day or shift.  As these quantities are scheduled on the floor, they are removed from the 'to be schedule' MRP wizard requirements. In many repetitive environments, the production supervisor decides to run economical quantities and combines several days or even weeks of requirements into the schedule for specific items - especially those with long setup times.

The Scheduling module provides for detailed scheduling of production by routing step, or alternatively by department (work site).  The difference is in the expectation of when production is reported.  For instance, if production is reported at each operation - sequence in the router, then scheduling should be done by operation - sequence.  However, in many shops scheduling is done by department.  The production of a part may proceed through several routing steps before leaving the 'department' or 'work site'.  If production is only reported as it leaves the department, then scheduling should be done in the same manner.  In more complex situations, some departments may report by operation - sequence and others by work site.  This functionality is accomdated.