Mascidon, LLC

SAP Business  One Add-on Products

Add-ons Development Using SAP SDK or Boyum

This set of Add-ons to SAP have been developed using the SDK tools (Software Development Kit) available from SAP.   

EDI Integration

This add-on has been implemented for automotive EDI and for integration into major retailers such as Walmart and Meijer's.  Mascidon has teamed with a leader in EDI integration - Radley Corporation.   They provide the 'compliance' requirements for all of the automotive companies and major retailers.   Implementing our integration gets you into compliance quickly and easily.  Adding new trading partners is normally turnkey from a template Radley provides for that trading partner.  The integration to SAP provided by Mascidon sees the 'new' template as  the same XML format as  all prior partners. 

Normal  integration for automotive is: 850, 830, 862 and 856 transactions.

Normal  integration for retail is:  850, 810, 856.  

All of the customer side communications are processed via Radley.   The SAP integration occurs as follows:

  • Import of sales orders is done on a schedule - typically once an hour (user defined)
  • Export of ASNs and Invoices is done as the 'add' button for shippers and invoices respectively are clicked in SAP.

Cost Rollup 

This module provides a rollup of BOM resources and component costs from the lowest level  of the BOM to the highest - finished goods level.  The rollup of costs includes up to 31 cost buckets: material, plus 10 each for labor resources, machine resources, and other resources. These costs are written to a user table and are subsequently used to update price files designated by the user.  These costs can also be used to update the BOM prices displayed for the parent and component items on the BOM screen.
If you are using standard cost inventory valuation method, this module can be used to periodically update the standard costs of the parent and component items in the BOM.  This will result in an inventory revaluation transaction for those items with updated standard costs.  


This module was developed to solve a singular issue with the Production Entry module.  SAP Business One does not allow entry of a production order for an item that has the same item as a component.  If you repair items for customers or are a 'reman' company, then you receive a 'Core' or 'repair item' from your customer.  A typical production order would use your customer's 'Core' as the component to be repaired, and the result is a repaired Core - the same inventory item only in better condition.  This module provides the means to process these types of production orders with all 'extra' transactions required to enable this result happening transparent to the user.

Automotive Aftermarket

If selling heavily into the automotive aftermarket there are two critical 'item' issues that need to be addressed.  The first is that your customer may call in and ask for a part knowing an alias for the part.  For instance, they are calling from Autozone and the part they are looking for is AZ-1000 - an internal Autozone part number.  You need to determine the Ford part number for this part and subsequently your internal part number within SAP.  The second issue occurs when the customer calls in and asks for a part with a description 'Brake sensor for a 2004 Honda Accord'.  Both of these issues are addressed by this aftermarket add-on.

Quality Control

The quality control module from Mascidon gathers statistics related to the items' specifications at critical points in the manufacturing or distribution processes.  This enables SAP Business One users to seamlessly integrate quality statistics data collection with normal  production,   receiving and shipping processes.   

Non-Module Add-ons

My knowledge base is heavily oriented towards manufacturing. As such I have developed numerous extensions to the manufacturing functionality of SAP.  if you are interested in any of these extensions please call to to discuss them in depth. Here is a short description of several of these.

  • PDO entry for repetitive companies - this SDK allows the user to enter part - quantity into a screen.  The SDK then processes each line item entered as a Production Order, automatically creating the PDO, releasing the PDO, issuing components, reporting production completion and closing the PDO.  This is available in Hana and SQL versions.
  • Load management -this SDK provides the means to manage truck bays and loads on the trucks.  It tracks multiple sales orders on a single truck or a single sales order across multiple trucks.
  • Shop floor data collection - this SDK provides the means to have users scan on - off a production order 'sequence' (step in the production process).  It collects the labor associated with the production and relieves components associated with that sequence in the production process.
  • PDO scan of raw materials - this SDK is used in production environments where the traceability of the raw materials back to a batch number is required.  The user scans the lable on the raw material and auto fills a screen with part, batch and quantity information.  The SDK takes this information and creates an issue for production transaction.
  • Scheduling - there are several implementations where companies have had custom developed scheduling enhancements to provide the means to schedule production by department.  Included in these implementations is a an implementation to schedule paint lines.

  Boyum Add-on

I have been using Boyum since around its inception.  These add-ons use Boyum functionality to implement procedures in SAP.

  • Batch 'Release' of PDOs and batch 'Close' of PDOs.  Your plant has created a large number of PDOs and wants to release these in a batch.  A simple click of check boxes allows you to perform this task.  Same task at the end of the day when you want to 'Close' PDOs.