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Quality Control

The quality control module from Mascidon gathers statistics related to the items' specifications at critical points in the manufacturing or distribution processes.  This enables SAP Business One users to seamlessly integrate quality statistics data collection with normal  production,   receiving and shipping processes.  Inventory items have QC  attributes associated with them.  These could be dimensional attributes such as length, width, inner diameter, etc.  They could also be attributes such as voltage, hardness, cycle time, etc.  The attributes defined depend on the quality control attributes required for inventory items in your business.  The attributes that need to be set up apply across all items.  They should be general enough that they apply across items.  For instance, if you had 200 different metal pipes with inner and outer diameters that are measured to define the ‘quality’ of each item, you really only need 2 attributes – inner diameter and outer diameter.  The actual inner diameter and outer diameter design specification parameters will vary by item, but only 2 ‘attributes’ need to be defined.

QC manufacturing statistics are gathered after these SAP Business One documents are saved: 

  • PO Goods Receipts
  • Delivery Orders
  • Inventory Issues
  • Production Order Receipts

A saved document is retrieved and the line item whose quality measurements are required is highlighted. Then the user right clicks on the mouse to access the ‘Quality Control’ option and bring up the quality control entry screen.  This provides for entry of the quality measurements for each of the associated item’s attributes. 

QC measurements could be done on each item received, but normally it is done on a 'sample' quantity.  The item's attribute definition file contains the sample % to use for that item - attribute.  The user can override the default and measure every item received if the quality is suspect.

QC measurements are compared to the nominal specification for that item - attribute and to the allowable high and low variances.  This determines whether an item is within the specified design parameters or not.

Inventory items that are batch or serial control are supported.  The user is required to enter the batch or serial  number for those items.

Inventory quality statistics are maintained by document.  Statistics can be purged periodically at the user's discretion. The QC module is appropriate for manufacturing and distribution companies.

The SAP Business One QC reports by document are simply Crystal reports associated with the document.  For instance, a PO Goods receipts report form which includes the quality information is available.