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SAP Business  One Add-on Products

Customer Rebates

The customer rebate tracking system provides the means to track contractual rebates based on sales.  The objective is to allow distributors to provide a rebate program for customers or customer groups, thereby making it more attractive for them to purchase products. Specific item groups can be defined as part of the rebate program so that not all items are subject to rebates. And within groups specific items can be excluded from the rebate program.

In addition to a traditional rebate program, this module has the capability to track additional incremental rebates for those customers that have signed up for a ‘stocking plan’.  For instance, in return for the customer guaranteeing that they will buy certain levels of product, you provide an incremental rebate to them.

The end result of this rebate tracking system is the reporting of the rebates earned by the customer or customer group.  In addition, there is a report of rebates by item so that you can review the effect of the rebates on your margins.

The rebate tracking function provides the means to define item ‘groups’ and then to use these groupings to define items to be considered part of the rebate program.  These groups can differ from the ‘Item group‘ defined in the item master file.  For instance, your ‘groups’ could correspond to groupings defined on your web page.