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SAP Business  One Add-on Products

Vendor and Customer Performance Rating

This module provides the ability to measure how well a vendor fulfills their delivery obligations in terms of fill rates and on-time delivery. It also provides the means to self-assess your company's delivery obligations with your customers.

The vendor analysis reports output from this module provide the data to meet with vendors and show them their past performance.  It can be part of evaluation of the vendor rating for contractual performance.

This module also provides the data output you can take with you when meeting with customers to show them how your on-time delivery and fill-rate performance has been improving.

Vendor Rating Performance

Is the vendor on time more often than not? What is their ‘fill rate’? In quantitative terms, what does this mean? The vendor performance module for SAP Business One provides a mechanism for defining on time delivery and fill rates. It has the flexibility to allow one vendor to deliver product plus or minus a certain number of days and meet on-time delivery goals, and a second vendor absolutely must deliver on the date required. This functionality can be used to evaluate out of country vendors differently than same city vendors. It also provides the ability to define fill rates by item – so that an order for a 3,000 pound coil that is delivered at 2,990 pounds is considered 100% fulfilled. And a delivery of 79 iPads from an order for 100 is a 79% fill rate. This module provides the vendor analysis reports to contract with vendors for specific performance, and provides the means to assess the performance.

Customer Rating Performance

The performance measurement module includes ‘on time’ and ‘fill rate’ measurement for your shipments to customers. There are two views of this information – by customer and by item. The ‘customer’ view provides insights into how your customer sees your delivery performance. The ‘item’ view provides insights into which items are difficult to deliver on time and in full - regardless of which customer the product is shipped  to. An example of its use would be to compare delivery performance of the same item to OEM customers and Aftermarket customers.

This module is available as standard SAP queries/ formatted searches. This module has been developed using only SAP user tools - no VB or C##  coding used.