Mascidon, LLC

SAP Business  One Add-on Products


Add-on Product Installation and Implementation

As a products company, Mascidon provides our customers with all of the services required to install and to support the products we sell. In many cases this includes ‘extending’ the product to meet customer needs. Most often the implementation can be done remotely.  In the event it cannot, Dr. Maes would go on site to implement the product.

Consulting Services

In addition, I (Dr. Maes) will provide consulting services for SAP B1 customers.  Over my career, I have been responsible for over 800 ERP systems.  This has brought me into contact with many different kinds of businesses and implementation challenges.   I will only work with customers that have or are contemplating purchasing SAP Business One. The reason is simple. I have spent the last 16 years working with this product and it is the best supported and most technologically advanced product on the market for small to mid-size companies.


Most of the consulting I do with my current clients involves helping them make good business decisions around their ERP systems.  Most of this consulting deals with manufacturing and distribution areas of the ERP system.  Example projects: Implementation of customer portals (Zedsuite) to allow customers to review orders and deliveries;  development of a sales forecast system to coordinate forecasting consolidation from sales people around the country; development of a daily sales availability system for a food distributor; integration of the Bar Tender label printing to an automated packaging system;  on-line  data collection for production times in a electric coil manufacturing plant;  using hand held units to collect physical on hand information (companies had over 10,000 skus).

Data Analysis and Extraction

Many of my customers turn to me for development of complex SQL queries.  My promise is: if the data is available, I can present it in any manner you wish.  If you can explain in rational terms the information you want to pull from SAP Business One, I will get that information to you.   The most complex example of this is illustrated clearly in the BOM add-on product.  My software traverses the levels of the BOM using SQL scripts.  Many Alerts and Approval processes revolve around SQL queries, and are therefore often requested.

Crystal Reports and Forms

Reports and forms are often requested.  If the data is available within SAP Business One, I can produce the report.  High quality forms for any of the screens within SAP can be developed – with any information available within SAP as candidates for appearing on the form.


SAP Business One workflow mechanization is a recent addition to SAP 9.0 functionality. 

Programming Services

In some instances, the standard SAP tools are insufficient to develop a robust solution to your customization needs.  I have excellent design capabilities.  I can review the exact specifications required with your staff and then document this in a Word document that illustrates exactly how the SAP programs will function upon completion of the programming.  Mascidon has the capability to deliver very complex programming utilizing the SAP SDK tools.  If I am unable to think through a reasonable design for the issue you want to solve, I will tell you and stop the project.  Very few designs take more than 20 – 40 hours to think through and develop a detailed specification.  More often, it is 4 – 8 hours.  I do the design myself – so you are getting my years of experiences with many different ERP situations and potential solutions. 

I subcontract the actual custom programming.  The reason is simple – I don’t work for the same billing rates as programmers.  I have worked with 5 programmers for over 6 years and trust them to deliver high quality work.  The last quality control check is my review of the functionality to ensure that the program specifications have been met or exceeded.

My programming staff have the capability to deliver SAP SDK products, .Net programs outside of SAP but integrated with the SAP database, and programming of hand held devices - including phone apps.