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Process Documentation

Mascidon uses a process requirement definition template to document the manufacturing or distribution processes in the plant from planning, to procurement, to manufacturing and to shipment.  Each step along the way has exceptions that need to be identified and handled with the SAP B1 implementation.  The documentation and presentation of options available for handling these processes is where Mascidon's expertise is essential.  Processes are documented in Word.  The standard SAP Business One processes are presented to users as a starting point for documenting their internal processes. All process requirement definitions are presented to the implementation team for their approval before being implemented.


In many cases SAP Business One can meet the process requirements with a combination of standard functionality and the addition of approval processes and alerts.  SAP Business One is extremely flexible.  The alert system built into SAP Business One can be used for notifications to users of exceptions - as they occur.  The approval process function within SAP can be used to force approval conditions upon the users. In instances where abnormal processes need to be added - say an A/P invoice is added when a sales order is sold by a manufacturer's representative - Mascidon utilizes either their own 'Right Click' tool or the Boyum B1 Useability tools to meet these needs.  In rare instances, a new screen needs to be developed using SAP Business One's Software Development Kit (SDK).

For instance, in the Return Goods Authorization process outlined below, the RGA document is a customized document.  The 'Sales Order' is created from a button on the RGA document and creates a 'Repair Sales Order' for a non-inventoried item 'Repair'.  This eliminates the need to maintain the on hand of the customer's returned item as part of your inventory, while still allowing SAP to track the order, the associated repair production order, and the shipment to the customer.  This process could be selectively run with or without the warranty / replace functionality.  These are the types of process requirement customizations available using SAP Business One, the tools associated with SAP Business One, and Mascidon's expertise in documenting and implementing the process.

Return Goods Authorization Process