Mascidon, LLC

SAP Business  One Add-on Products


Mascidon has documented the reporting options and capabilities of SAP B1 manufacturing modules.  These reporting options will be explained to the plant personnel and they will jointly make decisions with Mascidon to move in a particular direction with reporting implementation.  If custom reports are required, Mascidon can develop reports in SQL, Crystal or a combination of these.  The reporting capabilities provided includes the ability to 'explode' BOM's from parent to children or from children to parents - a capability beyond most report developers.


SAP provides Business One customers with a complimentary copy of Crystal reports.  Using this tool in combination with an excellent set of Crystal Report Writer training videos, many users are able to develop their own reports.  These can be added to the standard menu.  Mascidon can develop these reports for customers, train them how to develop them, or assist them by providing stored procedures or views on which to base the report. In some instances the reports are so complex that the Crystal Report writer 'Command' query is the preferred means of producing the report.  Our SQL query development skills enable us to develop these complex reports.


Crystal Report writer can also include bar codes within a report.  This is often used for printing bar codes of the production order number and operation sequence on production orders. Users can be trained to develop bar code labels to meet customer or internal requirements.  


All reports - whether Crystal Reports or SQL queries - can be added to the SAP B1 menus.  If applicable, a button can be added to a particular screen to display the report in context with a specific document.  Users with the appropriate level of technical ability and security clearance are trained so that they can add reports to menus or screens. 


SQL queries can also be used as 'formatted searches' on fields on a screen.  For instance, SQL queries could define the 'shift' when entering production tickets to be employee's default shift .  The query itself is tied to the results of a previous field - the employee badge.

Indented BOM SQL Report