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SAP Software Development

When software development is the only solution, SAP provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) to manage this process.  The SAP SDK enforces all of the business rules for updating business objects within SAP.  For instance, if the SAP SDK needs to create a shipper, the shipper created follows the same processing rules as a shipper entered from the standard shipper screen.


Mascidon has a small US based team of programmers available for SDK development projects.  For larger programming projects, Mascidon has an offshore team in India.


There are three major components to software development: design; programming and project management.  Dr. Maes does the design because he has more experience with SAP B1 structures and processes than any of his associates, and he has 40 years of business experience.  The programming is done by a highly qualified team of professional programmers - all familiar with the SAP SDK.  Project management also falls under the jurisdiction of Dr. Maes - because of his experience and because he is the liason with the customer.


Development of software for wireless hand held devices used on the floor is one specialty area.  Mascidon has development end of line scanning functionality, physical inventory scanning, stock movement transaction processing, shipment load and pallet management transactions, and receiving functions.  The devices used are generally Windows CE hand held units such as those supplied by Intermec and Motorola. All of these applications have commonality: 1. they are specific to a customer's needs - i.e. end of line scanning is usually unique; 2. all scanned information is verified after scanning - wireless connections are required in the plant; 3. all transactions are written to a SQL table and then processed either immediately or in a scheduled batch run; 4. processing of the SQL table is always passed through an SAP SDK application to ensure conformance to SAP rules.


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